5 Reasons Prepostseo Better Than Other Plagiarism Checking Applications

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Content Security

Prepostseo – 5 reasons it is better than other plagiarism checking applications

People who commit prohibited acts face punishments accordingly. If you are involved in a hacking attempt, penalties would be applied in accordance with cybercrime regulations.

Plagiarism is also a prohibited activity and serious actions are taken against people involved. Students are usually involved when they are working on academic submissions.

At times, they take plagiarism lightly because it becomes hard to meet deadlines. Hence, they put the information according to the scope of the paper in one place and then make a submission.

Once in a while, the content is not paraphrased at all. Even if it is, the student does not perform a complete plagiarism check. Students should not take any chances while checking academic papers for plagiarism. If found guilty, they end up with rustications and darkened futures.

Smart minded individuals opt for Prepostseo plagiarism checker

It can be a huge problem if you select a plagiarism checking tool and it does not work according to expectations. Prepostseo plagiarism checker surely does not cause disappointments. There are countless factors which emphasize why you would choose this checking application and not consider any other application.

Here are five key reasons why it is a higher rate of preference.

1. Check where you are going wrong through a plagiarism report

Once it scans your article, blog or research paper and simply reveals whether it is plagiarized or not, would this information be sufficient? A lot more detail would be needed so that you can identify the specific area you have to work on.

It produces a complete report which portrays the plagiarism classification. If there is 100% similarity, the “exact phrases” result would show you the details. Click each identified sentence and then make the needed changes. With this report, you can avoid the time needed to search for plagiarism issues. You can also download this report in multiple formats including PDF.

2. Developed for students, professional writers and social media resources

Every user has a different set of requirements it comes to submitting content. A student has to work on research assignments so that his grades can go up. If he fails to do so, his overall results go down. This causes long term problems for him including employment complications.

A professional writer is responsible to project a positive and appealing image for a brand. For this purpose, he is expected to deliver well researched content that does not have plagiarism issues.

This application is not meant for a particular user type which is actually a big plus point. It is feasible for all types of submissions and works well for writer categories. The free access is definitely a positive aspect as everyone is interested in saving money.

People who prepare social media content have several responsibilities on their head. It is actually a quick and result oriented way to produce interactive material. You simply lose out on people who would take interest in what you have written. This is because the uniqueness of content is quite important. No one wants to go through information which they already know about.

3. A detailed downloadable report for writers

How is my content plagiarized? Which parts have not been paraphrased efficiently? Writers commonly have these queries in their head. Most applications simply reveal whether the content is free of plagiarism or not. In other words, you only get to know the status of content. This feedback is incomplete which actually does not help the writer.

If you are using this application to detect plagiarism, a report would be generated after every scan. This report actually erases the need to search for copied content. The problematic sections are automatically located and writers only have to correct them. If you only know whether the uploaded content is copied in anyway or not, it is as good as not having any status.

Consider that you are performing the plagiarism check for a 5000-word dissertation. It shows that the content has plagiarism problems but the specific part is not highlighted. It is not possible to read through 5000 words and find it. The plagiarism report highlights the chapters / sections which the writer has to rectify.

4. Free usage eliminating all types of financial pressures

Do you know that a lot of writers take the risk of not using a plagiarism checking software because they cannot afford one? It is a fact that when you start seeking quality soft wares, most of them are paid. On the other hand, it is quite hard to get a free software that determines plagiarized content without any efficiency problems.

It is free but the standard of plagiarism checking is much better than paid ones. The time it requires to scan lengthy content sections is unbelievable. In most cases, the process requires less than a minute. This plagiarism checker is simply commendable and provides instant status of the content.

5. Multiple plagiarism types recognized

There are multiple categories of plagiarism and writers have to avoid all of them. At times, there is an exact match between the actual information and what you have compiled. Similarly, in other cases, the paraphrasing is not done properly due to which it detects resemblance.

The same penalties are applied for all forms of plagiarism so nothing should be skipped or ignored. Unlike a lot of other checking resources, this application detects all content areas with uniqueness problems.


Producing original content is never an option for writer. It is a mandatory requirement which has to be fulfilled. Google has very strict and uncompromising regulations to deal with plagiarism cases. This is because the search engine aims at offering top notch content to its readers across the globe.

To meet such high expectations, not being serious about content uniqueness is a major blunder.
This plagiarism checking application actually makes things systematic for writers. They only have to focus on preparation of content instead of worrying unnecessarily about plagiarism complications.

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