Chinese Women Data Breached Including ‘BreedReady Status’ And PhoneNumber

Nearly 2 Million (1.8) Chinese Women Data Breached Including Phone Number, Address and BreedReady Status, researcher said it’s open database.

Dutch researcher Victor Gevers tweeted about the breach, including phone number, address and  their ages.

Almost 90 percent of entries were described as single and 82 percent were living in Beijing.

The tweet comes after International Women’s Day,

“The youngest girl in this database is 15y,” Gevers pointed out. “The youngest woman with BreedReady: “1” status is 18y. The average age is a bit above 32y, and the most aged woman with a BR:1 is 39 and with a BR:0 is 95y. All are single [89%], divorced [10%] or widow [1%]. About 82% lives in 北京市 [Beijing].”

Hackersonlineclub reached to Victor and asked about the breach, that how he find these database?, he replied.

“China has 29808 open databases and is ranking in second place in the top 5 list of countries when it comes to unsafe MongoDB usage in the world. The US has been leading the first position with 45320 servers. Followed by Germany, the Netherlands, and France according to ZoomEye.”

Otto Kolbl, related China media coverage said to Hackers online club, Just read the whole story as “dating app database leaked or not protected”, and everything becomes perfectly coherent. There is absolutely no need to look for any “organization” putting women into a database, or any relationship with “women scarcity”

Recommendation- The government and Companies should be think seriously about user data security. Each organization should have to hired Cyber Experts who can help them to penetrate the network and find vulnerable servers to patch.

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