Why Online Entertainment Needs to be Secure

network cloud
network cloud

We have moved into an era where anything that you do online must be protected. Whether this is banking or online shopping, you need to know you are secure. It is also important to know why and how this should be approached and carried out in relation to the new media and entertainment offerings in the cloud.

Accessing content via the cloud is faster and will allow streaming and viewing speeds far superior to any local server. However, this necessitates paying for the service as you need and then being able to either download or stream it directly from the host.

Pay per view

It may not be cable and it may be a pay-as-you-go service, which means you and your family having access to some great entertainment, movies, documentaries, and more, that you can pay for as and when you need or want it. The critical element is to ensure that the payment method is secure and that you use a credit card that will provide more protection than a debit card and allow a clawback if required.

In-app payments

As you or your family members use certain apps, you may miss the occasional pop-up asking if you would like to pay for an additional service. Be mindful, as oftentimes consumers simply click to be able to use the app and find that they have then been debited for an in-app purchase. Children playing games and using specific apps have been targeted and the cost and act of purchasing may not be made obvious from the outset. If you are going to spend money on an app, make sure to have done your research and know who you are dealing with and that you’re comfortable giving them your banking details and having your data shared.

In-game payments

If you enjoy online gaming and you’re also a horse racing fan, then it’s critical that before you spend any money or act on the hot tips you have, you ensure that you are secure. The sites that you choose to use must clearly state the nature of the security provided and how your banking details are protected.

Risky downloads

All of the aforementioned points are associated with the act of paying for a service or product. What has also become more common is the infiltration of your system or access to your data through malicious spyware or malware that is actually downloaded as part of the game or app that you have inadvertently chosen to use. You can ensure that this does not happen by checking your firewalls, but also by setting your system not to accept any downloads unless they are from a known source and approved at the point of download.

Online security is a major part of our modern lives. No one is automatically protected and as such we are all possible targets of the cybercriminals out there. It is thus incredibly important to realize that even when you settle in for a night of movies and gaming, you need to ensure that your spending is safe.

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