VPNs Stop Offering Lifetime Subscription

VPN End of Lifetime Subscription
VPN End of Lifetime Subscription
  • The End of Lifetime Subscription to NordVPN and

  • Why You Do Not Need to Feel Sorry

More and more people are faced with the need to use virtual private networks – VPNs. However, despite the ease of use, you can often come across scammers and fake services.

Problems with free VPNs

Many VPN services are free. You just install the extension on your browser, register, and then turn this extension on and off when needed. The disadvantage of free services is that they most likely collect data about your web activities. Besides, free VPN applications can be installed along with malware, which (if you are lucky) can only be detected later by antivirus scanning.

Spyware programs steal users’ personal data, such as browsing history and info on visited websites. Later, this data is sold to advertising services. And later on various Internet pages, users see advertisements related to requests they made in search engines like Bing and Google. In addition to contextual advertising, spyware can simply redirect users to fraudulent sites that can even host ransomware.

Problems with paid VPNs

Paid services are more reliable than free ones. Well-known VPN brands will not steal user data as they do not need to monetize their site in this way. It is much more beneficial to have long-term cooperation with customers.
However, in the case of paid services, there is still some risk of fraud. You can often come across a lifetime subscription option. It may seem that for 50 USD, you can get endless traffic until the end of your life.

Question: whose life? A careful reading of the license agreement, written in small print, where all the details are written, will help to understand the issue.

Some services, for example, replace the lifetime subscription plan with repeated paid subscriptions every few years. Lifetime subscription may also mean the life of the service or technical equipment.

Lifetime VPN subscriptions

On the Internet, you can find dozens of discount offers, including long-term and lifetime subscriptions, which look very tempting. However, upon closer inspection, it turns out that many of these discounts are offered by third-party resellers, and not by the provider itself. If you are considering purchasing such subscriptions, be very careful. Be sure to check the information before purchasing it. Read customer reviews and information about the reseller.

Lifetime NordVPN subscription

The NordVPN service used to offer a lifetime subscription but has now canceled it. For now, the longest subscription is three years.

Let’s try to understand why did NordVPN stop offering the lifetime subscription.

Costs of running a VPN service

A reliable and efficient VPN service is a rather expensive business. Maintaining the necessary bandwidth, server quantity, and their maintenance, and regular software updates are very expensive. In addition, good customer support and marketing are also expensive. Given all these costs, a lifetime subscription can be unprofitable even for a premium VPN service.

A lifetime VPN subscription does not fit into such a business model. If the VPN provider does not have enough revenue to support its VPN service, this will directly affect its performance and end-users will start switching to competitors.

Too many users

One of the problems that is especially characteristic of lifetime subscriptions is that the more people get them, the higher the load on the servers is. If the VPN provider cannot make enough money on this, performance will drop due to insufficient resources.

An oversupply of connections\users slows down the internet speed and leads to an increase in the number of complaints and reduces the quality of support.

Other risks of lifetime subscriptions

For end-users, lifetime VPN subscriptions also carry some risks. For example, users deposit a large amount in advance, and the VPN provider suddenly stops its business. Unscrupulous companies may intentionally run such tricks.

Lifetime subscriptions weaken incentives for companies to improve their service in terms of improving security, connection speed, or customer support since the money has already been received in advance. And using a VPN with outdated technology is simply pointless.

In general, it is recommended to avoid lifetime VPN subscriptions. Given all of the shortcomings listed above, it is best to buy annual subscriptions for high-quality VPNs at a reasonable price.

How to save money without lifetime subscriptions

An excellent alternative to lifetime subscriptions are annual subscriptions or two, three year plans with fairly large discounts. Many VPN providers, including NordVPN, often offer discount coupons and codes throughout the year, which allow you to save money.

With NordVPN, you will have access to many great features.
• 30 days money-back guarantee
• 24/7 user support
• More than 5,000 servers!
• Simultaneous connection of up to six devices


Whatever VPN service you choose, be sure to check if it is a reliable service with a good reputation. Please mind many companies simply lure users out of their money through lifetime subscriptions.

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