Insomniac Game Wolverine Hits Ransomware Attack

Wolverine Game Hacked
Wolverine Game Hacked – Image by Insomniac

Spider-Man 2 developer Insomniac Games hit by Rhysida ransomware attack.

  • Insomniac’s upcoming game, Marvel’s Wolverine, breached.
  • The employees personal data breached including documents, internal emails, passports, etc.
  • The voice actor for Peter Parker, Yuri Lowenthal, is also affected by the data breach.

Insomniac Games, the developer of Spider-Man 2, was recently targeted by a ransomware attack known as Rhysida.

A group that has taken responsibility for a ransomware attack has shared pictures of passports belonging to developers, along with internal screenshots of a Wolverine video game that has yet to be released.

Rhysida, a ransomware operator, has leaked game data, claiming to have hacked video game developer Insomniac Games.

Insomniac, a video game company, is known for creating two Spider-Man games that have won awards. Currently, they are developing a new game based on Marvel’s Wolverine.

The upcoming game Wolverine was also targeted by cyber attackers, as evidenced by a remark screenshot from the game found in the hackers’ proof data. Furthermore, character art related to other Marvel characters that may be part of the game is also found.

According to a cyber daily report, the security breach at Insomniac resulted in the exposure of personal data of their employees, including passports of some of them. One of the affected employees was laid off by the developer two months ago and is now working at Disney.

The breach also led to the exposure of a personal document belonging to Yuri Lowenthal, the voice actor of Spider-Man. The evidence presented in the report includes internal emails, confidential documents, and signatures that were compromised during the breach.

The Rhysida gang has threatened to publish the complete data set of Insomniac in seven days. The cybercriminals are also running an auction for the data, starting at 50 bitcoins, which is over US$2 million today.

“With just 7 days on the clock, seize the opportunity to bid on exclusive, unique, and impressive data,”

Rhysida said on its leak site.

“Open your wallets and be ready to buy exclusive data. We sell only to one hand, no reselling; you will be the only owner!

Insomniac Games has not made any statement yet.

Previously GTA-6 Hacked

Last year, data files containing video from Grand Theft Auto 6 were hacked, stolen, and leaked online.

Cyber attacks have become a growing concern for tech companies. Video game industry faces major cyber threats.

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