The Importance Of Cybersecurity In Nowadays

Cyber Security Agile
Cyber Security Agile

Today, online activity is central to everyday life. In response, concerns about cybersecurity have come front and central to ensure safe and secure online environments. This applies to big enterprise, startup and personal cyber activity. The adoption of proper cybersecurity measures is apt to minimize existing and potential risks.

Cybersecurity in Context

The importance of cybersecurity in current business, professional and social context cannot be overemphasized. Indeed, growing dependence on information and computerized systems has shifted penetration risks online. In contrast to a conventional offline world, attacks could be performed at least cost and much less risk to attackers. That is why, innovations should be understood as working both ways. That is, if progress occurs in a positive direction, risks, particularly in cybersecurity, should also be understood to grow. Understanding innovations as such informs more rewarding gains.

Moreover, cybersecurity should also be understood as a matter of choice informed by corporate resources. Specifically, not all companies are created equal. So, one cybersecurity choice for one might not be adequate for another. Therefore, cybersecurity choices should not be generalized and should account for differential capabilities companies have.

To understand how important cybersecurity is, a couple of questions need to be answered:

  • Why is cybersecurity important; and
  • Why is computer security important?

First, however, a working definition of cybersecurity is needed. Then, a closer look at how cybersecurity and risks impact businesses and individuals.


Major cybersecurity companies continue to advise companies and individuals about growing cyber security risks. Сybersecurity is not simply about major network attacks most people believe system infiltrators do. Instead, cybersecurity involves every single activity a company or an individual performs online, reports Dustin Mendoza, a Cybersecurity Analyst who works with

That is, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, now common in most companies, are ideal interfaces to infiltrate enterprise systems. Similarly, personal computers, onsite or at home, are prime “Targets of Interest” for infiltrators, including hackers. Simply, cybersecurity is about usability safeguards to fend off infiltration attempts occurring during one or more online activities.


The ubiquity of mobile and portable devices has been paralleled by growing rates of cybercrime. That is, accessibility and availability come at a major expense of security and safety. Moreover, growing innovations in computing power has raised concerns about and calls for stricter cybersecurity measures. Specifically, growing concerns about increased computing power show how quantum computers, for example, could launch more aggressive attacks.

For individuals, using personal computers, computer security is probably more important. However, rapid developments in computers have always shown capabilities used in business soon moved into households. That is why, cybercrime should not be dismissed as an only-for-big-companies matter. Instead, cybercrime, as shown in the next section, could aim at individuals and small businesses to reach bigger information assets.

Information Security

The importance of information security could, perhaps, best be understood in business context. In business, information is now a critical asset. Needless to say, companies now depend on information, exchanged across computerized systems, to perform day-to-day and strategic activities. This makes information, if intercepted in any unauthorized way, not only a liability but an immediate damage at wide scale.

Consider, for example, how smaller companies dismiss as unlikely cyber attacks. Mislead by a mistaken belief of smaller scale, says Leo Ford, a cybersecurity manager who cooperates with Perfectessay, small businesses are ideal for hackers, particularly so if having Fortune 500 clients. This should be an alarming call to small businesses to put in place securer cybersecurity systems.

The question of resources might be raised as one reason for why small companies, even if willing, cannot invest properly in cybersecurity. This is, at best, an excuse not to put resources elsewhere, when cybersecurity should receive utmost attention. In response, declining costs, coupled by more deployability options, offers companies, big and small, opportunities to invest in cybersecurity. The proper cybersecurity safeguards are, accordingly, critical to help ensure safer and secure online activity. The importance of information security in business, in a final analysis, cannot be overemphasized.

Protections Against Cybercrime

As noted, cybersecurity is not limited to major network and system attacks. Instead, cybersecurity is about informed and educated online activities and conduct consistently performed. In order to ensure safer and secure online activity for companies and individuals, a number of recommendations could be:

  • Ensuring all corporate information assets include one or more cybersecurity features and/or applications.
  • Investing frequently in cybersecurity platforms and applications.
  • Educating staff on a regular basis about up-to-date cybersecurity safeguards and risks.
  • Ensuring personal devices brought to work, under a Bring Your own Device (BYOD) policy, are properly secured.
  • Seeking constant learning and education from companies where you can find help, especially if you need to write a coursework or any paper about cybersecurity such as writemyessayforme.
  • Exercising caution if and when possible, particularly upon unfamiliar online encounters and/or unsolicited requests.
  • Staying up-to-date to best-in-industry practices adopted by companies, or peers, operating in same and/or different industries.

In balance, cybersecurity is a critical safeguard against growing cybercrimes and attacks. Informed by proper adoption and usability methods, frequent education, companies are better prepared for safer and secure online operation environments. Rule of Thumb: Caution should always be exercised if in doubt.

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