FIFA Hacked! The Data Breach Confirmed Officially

FIFA Hacked
FIFA Hacked

According to official reports, FIFA Hacked Again.

FIFA President Gianni Infantino given officially statement that, the World Football governing body’s computer systems suffered a data breach for the second time in this Year, 2018.

Both the Associations, Federation International the Football (FIFA) and Union of European Football (UEFA) having suffered data breach in Cyber Attack on its computer system.

The Cyber attackers might be have stolen sensitive data after compromising FIFA’s computer systems via Email trick campaign, which has targeted multiple Football Associations.

FIFA said in the statement,

"Four weeks ago, a group of journalists sent several hundred questions to FIFA, based on private and internal e-mails and other information which had been accessed (illegally) by third parties. 

Despite the fact that we answered the questions posed to us in a straight-forward and honest manner, certain media decided to ignore most of our answers and to distort both the facts and the truth in a deliberate attempt to discredit FIFA and to mislead their readers. This is evident.
FIFA President Gianni Infantino, said, “It is always a challenge to change things, to move forward, and to bring people together in order to do things better. And, as we are resolutely implementing the reforms at FIFA, it was always clear to me that I would face strong opposition, especially from those who cannot anymore shamelessly profit from the system they were part of. 

But this is why I was elected and for me there will be one focus and one focus only: to improve and develop football, worldwide. And today I am more committed and decided than ever to continue fulfilling this task.”

According to NewYork Times,
Information published by Football Leaks has rattled global soccer since 2015, when stolen documents emerged on a specially created website. Since the initial leak, a trove of emails, contracts and private messages have been obtained exclusively by the German weekly newsmagazine Der Spiegel.

FIFA condemns any attempts to compromise the confidentiality, integrity and availability of data in any organization using unlawful practices,” FIFA said.

Asked about the leaks, Infantino said he had tried to do his work honestly. That has meant having discussions and sharing ideas and documents with numerous people, he added.

“If then this is being portrayed as something bad then I think there’s not much I can do other than my job,” he said during a conversation in Kigali last week. “We are not stealing.”

FIFA had Breached in 2017

In this breach, the Hackers stole the private information and leaked soccer player that were allowed to take drugs for medical condition known as therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs). The Hackers was published the name of big players who received TUEs.

FIFA GAME Server is Down

Some users are reporting that FIFA19 Game server is down.

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