BlackArch Linux OS 2020 Version Released – Added 120 New Tools

Black Arch Linux Boot
Black Arch Linux Boot

New version of BlackArch Linux Live Operating System 2020.01.01 ISOs and OVA image released and added 120 new security tools.

BlackArc Linux ISO using for ethical hacking and penetration Testing, now it comes with more tools and package updation. It is powered by advanced Linux 5.4.6 kernel.

BlackArch is a penetration testing distribution based in Arch Linux that provides a large amount of cyber security suits. It is an open-source distro created specially for penetration testers and security researchers.

Black Arch is similar to usage to both Parrot OS and Kali Linux when fully installed. A critical difference between the other distributions and BlackArch however, is that BlackArch does not provide a desktop environment but provides a lot of Window Managers pre-configured.

Similar to Kali and Parrot, BlackArch can be burned to an ISO image and run as a live system.

Many improvements and QA went through all packages and tools Blackarch Linux offers.

BlackArch Linux

Here is the Change Log:

  • Added 120 new tools
  • Add terminus font support to lxdm
  • Fixed the annoying ‘cannot open tools via menu blah blah *crying*’ bug
  • Updated blackarch-installer to v1.1.34
  • Included linux kernel 5.4.6
  • Updated urxvt config: add support for changing size on the fly
  • vim: replace pathogen with Vundle.vim. added new vim plugin: clang_complete
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements
  • QA’ed and fixed all packages (runtime exec).
  • Updated to all blackarch tools and packages including config files
  • All system packages updated
  • Updated all window manager menus (awesome, fluxbox, openbox)

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