PenAndro – Automate Android Pentesting


Script to Automate installation of Apps, frida server and moving Burpsuite certificate to root folder using for Android Pentesting.


This Script will automate the process of installing all necessary tools & tasks for Android Pentesting i.e Moving Burpsuite Certificate, Installing Adb frida server, APKs like proxy toggle, proxydroid, adbwifi.


  1. Open Terminal
  2. Run below command
curl -sL | sudo bash


  • Burpsuite proxy Running at
  • Rooted Android device connected via adb (Only one device should be connected)
  • Magisk App (It will make installation easy )

1. For Android Virtual device (
2. For Genymotion emulator Blog Link


1. All
2. Move Burpsuite Certificate to Android root folder
3. Pc Tools (JADX, frida, objection, Android Screen Control & Mirror
4. Android Frida Server
5. Fix Frida Server Version mismatch
6. Android Apps(proxytoogle, proxydroid, ADBwifi)
0. Exit

I want to install :-



Android Apps

  • Proxy droid
  • ADB wifi
  • Proxy Toggle

Pc Tools

  • Frida, objection & Frida-Server for Android
  • jDax-gui
  • Burpsuite Certificate install
  • scrcpy

FAQs :

  • Burpsuite Error :- Check Proxy tab of Burpsuite at set the proxy as with port 8080
  • Root access Error :- Check If your device is Rooted or not (If not confirmed check
  • Traffic not intercepting :- Reboot the device after Certificate installtion
  • One or more devices conncted :- check with adb devices or try adb kill-server(to remove offline devices)

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