Mosint Automated E-mail OSINT Tool

MOSINT EMAIL Intelligence
MOSINT EMAIL Intelligence
Mosint is an automated email osint tool written in Go, that allows you to investigate for target emails in a fast and efficient manner.
It consolidates numerous services, enabling security researchers to swiftly access a wealth of information.
  • Fast and simple email-based scanning to gather information.
  • Optimized for ease of use and lightweight on resources
  • Email verification and validation
  • Checking Social Media Accounts
  • Checking data breaches and password leaks
  • Finding related emails and domains
  • Scanning pastebin dumps
  • Google Search
  • DNS/IP Lookup
  • Output to JSON file
  • Print coffee with –coffee flag!


go install -v


  • Service Function Status
  • – Public More Information About Domain ✅
  • – Public Related Emails ✅ 🔑
  • – Public Breached Sites Names ✅ 🔑
  • – Public Database Leaks 🚧
  • – Public Pastebin Dumps ✅ 🔑
  • Intelligence X Password Leaks ✅ 🔑
  • BreachDirectory Password Leaks ✅ 🔑
  • HaveIBeenPwned Password Leaks ✅ 🔑
  • 🔑 API key required

Configuration file

Mosint supports config file as default located at $HOME/.mosint.yaml. It allows you to define API keys for services.
You must set the config file for mosint to run! To specify a configuration file located in a directory other than the home directory, you can use the –config flag.


mosint [email protected]
Call the help (-h) flag for more information on usage.


Build a docker image
docker build -t mosint .
Run the docker container using the image
docker run mosint --help

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