How To Improve Cybersecurity as a Small Business Owner

Cybersecurity as Business
Cybersecurity as Business

Cybersecurity is a key priority for all businesses, regardless of their size or sector of operations. It’s estimated that a successful cyber attack can cost businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars or more depending on the nature of the attack and the damage that’s sustained by IT systems. In addition, an act of cyber crime can damage the reputation of a business, especially if sensitive information (such as customer payment details) are compromised.

In 2023, most small businesses have complex IT systems and an online presence. It’s therefore vitally important that these systems are secured to the highest level possible to minimize the risk of cyber attacks. If you’re a small business owner with an online presence, this article will be of significant benefit to you. Three key ways to improve the cyber security of your organization will be explored.

Speak to web content experts

It is estimated that 71 percent of all small businesses have a company website. This percentage is expected to grow year on year as companies begin to recognize the importance of having an online presence in terms of brand-building and cultivating online sales.

However, not all small businesses are competent in the best practices of web design and keeping up to date with the changing requirements for best practice in search engine optimization (SEO). In addition, poorly designed web pages that don’t use the latest encryption techniques can prove to be an easy target for hackers.

If your small business has a website and you don’t have a dedicated web design team, it’s important to speak to online experts such as click intelligence. These types of organizations will be able to collaborate with you to ensure that your web pages follow best practice in design and SEO and they will also be able to advise about creating pages, functionality, and content that is secure and protected against cyber criminals.

Ensure VPNs are used when agile working

Many modern small businesses have dedicated teams of staff who often work remotely or at a range of other sites. In fact, 85 percent of managers believe that having remote working teams will be the “new normal” very soon. Research suggests that remote or agile working can lead to improved productivity and can reduce the time lost for travel. However, when your staff are working at public locations (such as having team meetings in a café or shopping centre) it’s important that they use a virtual private network (VPN) when using laptops or other IT equipment online. VPNs offer an added layer of security on public networks and ensure that hackers can’t intercept information when using unsecured networks. In short, VPNs are essential for agile working from public locations.

Rolling updates for all software

As a final point, it’s incredibly important to ensure that all software and firmware updates are installed on company IT systems. These updates commonly contain improved security features that may be in response to the latest online threats. It should be recognized that there’s an ongoing race between hackers and security experts. Hackers look to exploit weaknesses in IT infrastructures and may use new techniques in their criminal activities. Security teams seek to protect applications against emerging threats. By ensuring that the latest updates are installed in a timely manner, you’re protecting your business from new and emerging cyber threats.

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