Hackers Online Club (HOC) is Celebrating 10th Anniversary Today

HOC 10th Year
HOC 10th Year Celebration
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2021)

HOC and our team reached a huge milestone today, but without our readers this was not possible. So we dedicate this day to all our readers, sponsors and the whole InfoSec Community.

We wouldn’t have come this far without your support, and we appreciate you for reading, commenting, and sharing what we have written, and make us what we are today.

Today marks 10 years since we have launched this website with the aim of delivering latest tutorials, Cyber Security news and keeping everyone updated around us including beginners, enthusiasts, professionals, and security researchers.

It’s always easy to start a website, thousands of sites go live every day but the real challenge is to be consistent, keeping it always updated and convert your visitors into devoted followers over time.

What’s New?

HOCIG (Information Gathering Suite)
HOCXSS (Cross Site Scripting Scanner)
HOCSQLI (SQL Injection Scanner)


We are working on security softwares to fulfil a promise to pentesters.

This is a long Journey, we look forward to countless exciting years ahead. Once again, our heartiest thanks to everyone, and let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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