CISA adds seven exploited vulnerabilities in list.

A new vulnerabilities list has been added to CISA's Known Exploited Vulnerabilities  Catalog based on  active exploits.

Federal enterprises are at risk from these types of vulnerabilities, which frequently serve as threat vectors for malicious cyber actors.

So, Here are TOP 7 Vulnerabilities Listed

#1. CVE-2022-22536 |SAP SAP Multiple Products HTTP Request Smuggling Vulnerability.

#2. CVE-2022032893 and CVE-2022-32894 | APPLE Apple iOS and macOS Out-of-Bounds Write Vulnerability

#3. CVE-2022-2856 | GOOGLE  Google Chrome Intents Insufficient Input Validation Vulnerability #4. CVE-2022-26923 and CVE-2022-21971 | MICROSOFT Microsoft Active Directory Domain Services Privilege Escalation Vulnerability, and Microsoft Windows Runtime Remote Code Execution Vulnerability

#5. CVE-2017-15944 | Palo Alto Palo Alto Networks PAN-OS Remote Code Execution Vulnerability #6. CVE-2022-27925, CVE-2022-37042 | ZIMBRA Zimbra Collaboration (ZCS) Arbitrary File Upload Vulnerability, AND Authentication Bypass Vulnerability #7. CVE-2022-34713 | MICROSOFT Microsoft Windows Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) Remote Code Execution Vulnerability